Roksan Amplifier Blak


The Blak is a fully featured all-rounder that works superbly with a wide range of systems and across all types of musical genres


The Blak is a fully featured all-rounder that works superbly with a wide range of systems and across all types of musical genres Monster power At the heart of this do-it-all amplifier is a supremely powerful amplifier that will power just about any speaker to high levels in even the largest living spaces. An oversized toroidal transformer and large heatsinks help provide this amp with a storming 150 watts per channel - that's over twice the amount a typical stereo amplifier produces. Roksan quality Roksan amps have a long tradition of being highly respected for their involving sound quality and the Blak is no different. A dual-mono design means that the left and right stages each have their own dedicated components, helping ensure a broad, accurate sound that's perfectly balanced. Another feature that considerably helps the sound quality is the DAC and pre-amp mounted on the rear panel, keeping the signal path as short as possible for the lowest levels of distortion. USB DAC As an amp for the modern age, the Blak features a built-in USB DAC. This top quality Burr Brown device handles digital signals up to 24 bit/192kHz and DSD128. Link up your PC or laptop via the Type-B USB socket and you'll enjoy high-resolution playback from your stored and streaming music at the highest quality - without the need for a separate DAC. Dedicated headphone output With many amps, a headphone socket is simply a tick-list fulfilment and not of particularly decent quality. The Blak's headphone socket, however, is a dedicated design in its own right and as good as some standalone headphone amps. Featuring an independent power supply, listening to headphones is every bit as impressive as speakers. The same power, dynamics and finesse are just as clear to hear via headphones as they are with speakers. Bluetooth apt-X Thanks to a top quality built-in Bluetooth receiver, the Roksan Blak makes the most of your digital music. Simply pair with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or compatible PC and you can wirelessly stream all your stored music, plus music services such as and Spotify. What's more, because the Roksan uses the top quality apt-X coding, it's possible to enjoy high-resolution audio files at the highest wire-free quality. Comprehensive connections including balanced XLR For more traditional sources, the Blak features three line level inputs. In addition there's also a MM (Moving Magnet) phono stage for your turntable. For the highest quality connection, balanced XLR sockets provide the best link to the matching Blak CD player or other source with XLR outputs. Stylish, user friendly design A clear display makes it easy to keep a track of your input source. Equally, the volume control features a clear level indication - visible even when you're sitting some distance away. The display is dimmable, so won't distract in lower light levels. The build quality is top notch with a thick metal front panel and solid casing for long-lasting appeal.