Iconic Studio is opening its doors after Covid – 19 again

With Focus on Music, Iconic Studio is now implementing an Equipment supply for DJ Products.

On the second & third Floor at Iconic, you can come and test Dj Equipment within the shop facilities like the new Pioneer V-10 Mixer.

A wide range of products from professional audio equipment to the hobby or Party DJs can be found at the Studio.

We want to serve the niche with selected boutique brands & products, catered to the DJ community.

Within our community, DJs play different styles and genres of music and technical orientation.

The entire audio Line is important to us, even if it’s just the right wire to connect your equipment. 

We do love Vinyl. From Turntablism to Digital DJing and true analog setups.

Around us many DJs still believe in Vinyl, therefore we want to be their partner in need. We have a total of 10 regular DJ setup within Iconic.

With a mix of two turntables and/or two Cdjs in combination with a variety of different mixers. We will also serve beginners with simple controller setups to their DJ careers. Controllers are often connected to computers running with DJ Software like Serato scratch.

We also offer a small selection of simple Monitor speakers, home speakers and entry-level professional sound systems with Funktion One Audio.

Soon we are going to implement an Online Shop to comfortably browse our store selection.

No matter the skill level, we offer a range of products for people’s needs.

On top, there is to mention that we also offer financing options to make products accessible in Thailand and support the local scene and our artists.

Brands we are working with

Pioneer DJ, Serato, Phase, Allen & Heath, Neo, Funktion One, Isonoe, Phonon

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