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Introducing the limited-edition DDJ-1000-OW, an exclusive collaboration with Off-WhiteTM – Mid-July release for first-ever fashion brand collaboration available to buy from Pioneer DJ
As the founder of Off-WhiteTM and one of the most important artistic directors in the fashion scene, Virgil Abloh had a deep desire to create DJ equipment that explores the unity and harmony of music with Pioneer DJ. Based on the concept of “SOUND ENGINEERING,” Pioneer DJ and Off-WhiteTM completed “DDJ-1000-OW” through a determined artistic process.
The DDJ-1000-OW is a special model with a unique collaborative design. The fluorescent orange and matte white asymmetrical colors and tagline printing bring a unique look to the DDJ-1000 DJ controller, which offers both high performance and portability. The controller inherits the In line with the release of the DDJ-1000-OW, Off-WhiteTM plans to launch a “SOUND ENGINEERING” capsule collection of clothing, also in collaboration with Pioneer DJ.
The Pioneer DJ c/o Off-WhiteTM capsule collection features clothing including tees, hoodies, and a coach jacket. Accessories include two fanny packs, marked by the iconic “SOUND ENGINEERING” logo. All the items of the capsule are marked with silk-screen printing graphics and fluorescent green ink. The inspiration for the design came from the technical files that describe the internal structure of the DJ controller. The collection is made in cotton canvas and the jacket is distinguished also by a particular vintage treatment that gives the jacket a more vintage and refined mood.

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